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What's Spanx Got To Do With Antiques? | The Business of Antiques Podcast

EP. 5: What's Spanx Got To Do With Antiques? 

What does Spanx have to do with The Business of Antiques? Everything, says Toma Clark Haines, The Antiques Diva. 

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Toma Talks to Madcap Cottage | The Business of Antiques Podcast

EP. 4: Toma Talks to Madcap Cottage

Toma talks to Jason and John of Madcap Cottage about the importance of  diversification in income streams, how the entire industry has changed and candidly discuss their solutions for increasing their profit margin.

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Episode 3 Your USP Unique Selling Point | The Business of Antiques Podcast

EP. 3: Your USP: Unique Selling Point

When it comes to marketing your antiques business you need to identify your niche and communicate what makes you different from all the other antique dealers out there. Why should someone shop with you verses someone else.  In marketing terms this is your USP - Unique Selling Point. 

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Industry Legend And Icon Olga C. Granda | The Business of Antiques Podcast

EP. 2: Industry Legend and Icon Olga C. Granda

Toma talks with antiques industry icon and legend and cultural entrepreneur Olga C. Granda.


Ep 1: How To Start An Antiques Business

If you want to start an antiques business - don't think about STARTING an antiques business. That can feel daunting. It can feel overwhelming. Instead, think about LEARNING HOW to start an antiques business.  



I'm Toma Clark Haines, host of The Business of Antiques podcast. I'm on a mission to make antiques sexy, modern  and fun... and PROFITABLE!


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