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Do what you do best, and outsource the rest!

Trying to be the 'Jack of all Trades' is not only exhausting, but can be detrimental to your business. A smart way to curtail that is to outsource tasks that are not your strong suit to a true expert. It will save you time and - most importantly - ensure that things are done well. The Antiques Diva Antique Dealer Training Program offers custom, 1:1 Marketing Services to our clients from our in-house team to help you succeed in the areas you need support. 

Our Antique Dealer Marketing services Include: 

1. Content Marketing Audit

 2. Copywriting Services

3. Personalized Social Media Strategy

4. Business Systems

5. Website Design & Development

6. Marketing Plan

7. Collateral Materials


The goal of a digital content audit is to use SEO metrics and UX (user experience) to identify both problems and opportunities so that you can create a content marketing strategy that your visitors can trust and search engines can understand, and that will help grow your business. 

Every audit is custom and unique because each business is unique, and has unique competitors and challenges. 

Here is an overview of the types of information you’ll get from a content audit: it can vary considerably based on your online sites, your business objectives and what information we discover as we conduct the audit. 

Social profiles, 
Photos & Bios

  • Are they branded with logos, slogans, etc?
  • Are they clear?
  • Is the content compelling?
  • Is the info appropriate for each respective social site?


  • Is your site user friendly and SEO optimized? 
  • Do you have a content strategy that attracts the right visitors, encourages sharing and provides useful, relevant information?


  • Is branding and messaging consistent across platforms?
  • Does digital presence align with business goals?
  • Is the voice consistent across platforms?
  • Do platforms target the same audiences?
  • The results are delivered in a written format with actionable, prioritized recommendations accompanied by two 1-hour sessions with The Antiques Diva Antique Dealer Training Program team to discuss the results and how you can implement the recommendations. 


    Reasons to outsource to a copywriter:

    1.  When there are not enough hours in the day

    “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” ~ Wizard of Oz 

    This analogy is spot-on for people who run their own business. You must miraculously juggle being a salesperson, an accountant, an inventory specialist and so many other roles… and now you must find the time to write? Sometimes wizardry is best left to the movies, and it’s better to outsource what you don't have time for.

    2. If writing isn’t your strong suit

    Let’s face it - writing isn’t easy! Especially when you routinely hit the dreaded writer’s block. It can be exhausting having to come up with new, brilliant, captivating content on a weekly basis that will engage your audience. That’s where we come in. Our copywriters have decades of experience and a keen understanding of proper grammar structure, a playfulness with words, and a true understanding of your target audience to engage the reader. Let us help!

    Copywriting services include: Newsletters,  Blogs,  Press Releases,  Social Posts, Website Copy


    Social Media has become highly important over the past few years and re-shaped how companies market their brand. There are two main reasons why companies are choosing to build their Social Media presence:



    We’ll help you determine the best social platforms to reach your ideal client, establish a social strategy for growth as well as give you pointers on how to stylize your posts. With our direction, we’ll ensure that your company’s visual representation across all platforms is not only congruent, but effective. 


    Business systems are consistent practices and reliable tools that help you manage your antiques business, meet your goals and serve your customers. ADTP trainers can help you evaluate, select and implement business systems including:

    •   POS: Point Of Sale
    •   Inventory Management
    •   Accounting
    •   Payroll


    Websites can be very basic, or incredibly complex. The type of website you need for your antiques business depends on what type of business you want to run:

    •   Will you sell antiques on your website?
    •   Do you want a blog?
    •   Will customers visit your business?
    •   Who will make future edits and updates to your website?

    ADTP team members have designed and managed websites for different types and sizes of antique businesses. We can help you determine what kind of website your business needs, how much you should budget pay for a website, help you hire a website designer - or build your website for you!


    If your business doesn’t have a plan, how will you know when you’ve arrived? Fr buyer persona's to marketing budgets, a marketing plan will help your antiques business set measurable goals, and a strategy to meet your goals. Your plan can help you determine how much money you need to run your business, and set expectations for profit. 

    A written marketing plan is your antiques business’s GPS:
    it tells you where you are, and how to get where you want to go.


    Depending on how you run your business, you may need different printed materials to help promote your business and sell your antiques. Not every business needs the same marketing materials. The ADTP team can help you determine what kind of marketing materials you need, and help you design and order them:

    •   Business Cards
    •   Posters, Flyers or Brochures
    •   Banners and flags
    •   Print Ads

    •   Videos
    •   Blogs and Guest Posts
    •   Newsletters
    •   Press Releases

    •   Catalogues

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